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02nd Dec 2016

Prior to MediaMaster 5, if you needed to display subtitles or synchronize lyrics with a singer, the text effects were not flexible enough. That task has been made easier in version 5, with a Subtitle and Lyric Player and a new folder of text effects specifically designed to display subtitles or song lyrics.

The Text Library has been enhanced so that each 255 text slots can point to a text file (.txt) or a subtitle file (.srt).

03rd Jun 2014

With MediaMaster 4, you can move any license to a dongle.

The big benefit is that your license will always be with you, you can plug and activate any machine (Mac or PC), and you will never need to connect to the internet anymore. This operation is irreversible, so please make sure you are more comfortable using a license dongle first.

You will need:

22nd May 2014

As announced in Frankfurt last March, MediaMaster 4 introduces a completely redesigned licensing system. We listened to all your requests and went through the various situations that our users are encountering to provide a solution that is very flexible and even more user-friendly.

With MediaMaster 4, users can easily activate a machine, either through the website or directly in the application, by entering an activation code. A license can then easily be deactivated from one machine and moved to another machine, an unlimited number of times.

15th Nov 2011

After GrandVJ, we’ve now added support for Syphon as client and server in MediaMaster also. It’s been around since only a few weeks and has already proved to be a great addition to our software, we’ve received a lot of feedback from users like Koen de Puysseleir – creative director for Tiësto – telling us how much this new feature broadens the boundaries from their creativity.. And God, we love that!