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Executive Management

Executive Management

Executive Management

Marco Hinic (aka FraKtus)

Founder and CEO, Member of the Board of Directors

Civil engineer in Electronics from the Liège University with a specialisation in Acoustics, his final work was to simulate room acoustics with a 3D application written on Mac OS. That’s how he started doing computer graphics back in the early 90’s. He is the original developer of ArKaos VJ and his little brother ArKaos (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odyssey_Through_O2). After a quick career as computer game developer, his early VJ application won a prize of innovation on a trade fair in Brussels and it helped to start ArKaos in 1996.

Since then, he lead development and made ArKaos VJ evolve into GrandVJ and MediaMaster. To do this he collaborated with many actors in the music and lighting industry to translate the user needs into ArKaos products. His solid background in Electronics is at use when designing hardware media servers and his latest achievement is the design of the Kling-Net protocol and his friendly implementation in the software LEDMaster.

Passion: Music

Magnus Schiller

Member of the Board of Directors

Magnus started his career as a lawyer. In late 1990s he started to invest in new technologies as a co-founder of the Venture Capital Company, Media Dreams SA. Magnus is involved with the management of the company, ensuring that ArKaos maintains its well-won reputation for quality products that keep an eye on a new generation of users. Magnus is known for his creative leadership and keen insight into the industry's growing trends.

Passion: Africa

Luc Goethals

Member of the Board of Directors

Luc has been working as a lawyer since 1982. He holds a law degree issued in the same year by the University of Brussels, specializing in business law and advises small and medium businesses that use its services. He is also frequently appointed by the commercial courts as provisional administrator, court representative and trustee of bankruptcy, giving him practical experience in business. Since 2008, Luc has worked as a certified commercial mediator. In addition, Luke has functioned as an independent director on the ArKaos board since 2013.

Passion: la Drôme provençale

Agnes Wojewoda

Managing Director, Member of the Board of Directors

As Managing Director and Board Director, Agnes has used her experience and industry expertise in business development, IT and video technology to expand ArKaos globally. She has led the company through a successful growth in a quickly changing market. She is heavily involved in the strategic decisions for finance, public relations, marketing, partnerships and technology branding. Agnes is also involved with lawyer, investor and political organization relations.

Passion: History of Art, Tennis