Kling-Force | ArKaos Pro

Kling-Force LED and DMX

Compact Plug and Play Kling-Net controllers.



Kling-Force is the new hardware platform built by ArKaos, around the combination of a powerful processor and a hardware network switch. It creates a robust and efficient Kling-Net network.

This platform is daisy chainable to distribute video over Ethernet via plug and play and no complex setup is required.

ArKaos introduces this new platform with two different interfaces: Kling-Force DMX and Kling-Force LED.


Kling-Net itself is a protocol developed and patented by ArKaos. It allows a media server to control and configure LEDs. Three softwares can run on Mac OS or Windows to control Kling-Net devices on a media server: GrandVJ, MediaMaster and LEDMaster.