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MediaMaster 4.2.4 - Available for Mac and Windows with Integrated Cue Player

18th Jul 2016

We are pleased to announce a significant update of MediaMaster, version 4.2.4.
Highlights include:
- Support for latest Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan, and Windows 10.
- Cue Player availability for Mac users.
- Display of timecode.
- Audio input and output level meters on the main interface.
- Multithreaded playback of some codecs for better performance.
- Auto-patching feature with Hog 4 lighting console through CITP.
- Improved performance, memory consumption, UI reactivity and overall stability.
- Support for high resolution screens on Windows 10 with non-standard DPI.
- Better support for capture cards including the Intensity Pro 4K from Blackmagic Design.
- Better support of non-English OS.
This release also contains many improvements and fixes, including for the Video Mapper, Cue Player, LED Mapper, Kling-Net Mapper and Syphon.
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Integrated Cue Player:

The Cue Player is an important addition for users who require reliable, accurate playback of visual sequences, for example, on shows or installations for repeated automated playback.

The Cue Player is built on the Theater Mode interface and automates playback of visual presets. It allows to play a predefined sequence of visuals during a show or an event. The many synchronization options give precise control over the timing to trigger different visuals sequentially or in parallel. The playback of cue lists can be triggered by DMX, MIDI, timecode or with a keyboard.

With just a few clicks, the Cue Player can help you create a sequence of videos with cross-fading. But possibilities are endless to help you prepare a complete show with the full mixing capabilities offered by MediaMaster.

Purchase and Download Information:

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  • Get your free MediaMaster 4.x upgrade for MediaMaster 3.x License Owners – Free Upgrade

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